Premium Horse Feed
  2011 Mustang Makeover Champion in the Stars Division Brandee Livingston. Congratulations!

   "Total Equine® really made a difference in the horses attitude. They are much calmer with stronger hoofs and their coats are very shiny."

Chad Helms mounted shooting competitor.
This is an orphaned colt that was put on Total Equine®. The picture was taken at 15 months and you can clearly see the healthy muscling and beautiful coat.   
 Chance was a rescue horse who was fed Total Equine® as part of a program to rehabilitate him. You will notice the weight gain has been muscular in the legs and not more fat around the belly. The hair coat is thick and soft with a natural sheen.  
   These young ladies are pictured after winning 1st, 2nd, and 4th places at the Grande Finale of the Mustang Makeover. They each had 90 days to train a wild mustang and used Total Equine® from day one. Congratulations!

 As you can see in the photos, Dusty met with an unfortunate accident which severely cut his hoof and it was not healing. He started on Total Equine® and we recorded the dramatic growth to a full hoof in six months.  
   Our Friend and longtime Total Equine® customer Baru Spiller on her Total Equine horse Western Sequel, aka; Cowgirl at the Ft Worth Stock Show Stock Show Team Challenge.

This is Wrangler. He is a seven year
old sorrel gelding rescue horse
who was turned out. He had
 not been receiving any feed.
This Picture was taken on Jan 7, 2012.
Wrangler has been on Total Equine® 
for four weeks in this picture. 
He has gained 235 pounds to 
date and has dramatically improved.


Wrangler after 67 days on the
 Total Equine®.